We Are All Zeros

What happens when fashion icon, TV personality, erotic model and entrepreneur Kato teams up with Seattle musician and bassist D-Punk of the iconic Steampunk band Abney Park? You get an explosive team who see the world with a unique set of eyes.

Literally overflowing with originality and drive, these two couldn’t help themselves but create a new genre of music sorely missing in the scene today. With hints of Old School Industrial Rock and Nu Metal blended with current EDM, House and Break Beats; these two are doing more than just picking up the baton from bands like Marylin Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie; they are creating what can only be described as the best fusion of Industrial Rock & EDM today!

Get ready for an other-worldly experience as D-Punk and Kato take you on a journey that deals with the loss of love, the depths of human deceit, self loathing and frustration evolving into every aspect of hate and all the things they experience along the way. Buckle up “Zero’s” and feel the pain!